The mission of Manchester Citizens Corporation is to plan, build, promote, and maintain a thriving community representing the residents of Manchester.


The Manchester Citizens Corporation is one of the nation's oldest and most sophisticated community development organizations. Community leaders formed the Corporation in 1965 to create a neighborhood-based approach in response to widespread blight and abandonment. This strategy was unique when introduced in the late 1960's because the previous standard for urban planning had been to demolish entire city blocks and replace them with more suburban-style developments known unflatteringly as urban renewal."

The Corporation operates within the Manchester Historic District, which is Pittsburgh's largest historic district under the National Register of Historic Places, preserved for its early 19th century-built Late Victorian-style houses. We are one of the first urban, community-based organizations in the nation to link historic preservation with economic development. Our organization has a proven track record of leveraging local, state, federal, and private resources to create housing units, both affordable and market-rate, single-dwelling and multi-family, and senior housing as well.

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Manchester Citizens Corporation
1319 Allegheny Avenue,   Pittsburgh, PA   15233
Phone: 412.323.1743    Facsimile: 412.322.6448
Email: info@manchestercitizens.org

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